The Governing Body (2015 to 2017)

Left to Right: Mrs Message, Mrs Benjamin, Mrs Venediger, Rev Louw, Mrs Field, Mr Wadsworth, Mr Wing, Mr Tooley, Mr Dent and Mr Chantler. Co-opted is Mrs Ngiba. (Since this photo, Mr Louw has relocated).

Atholl  Heights Governing body is voted in according to regulations set by the Education Department.                 Each member serves a 3 year stint.

The Governing Body consists of : 

  • The Principal
  • 3 Educators (voted on by the teachers)
  • 1 Non-educator (voted on by non educators)
  • 6 parents (voted on by parent body)
  • 1 co-opted member.

Members of the Governing Body are:

  Mr S. Wadsworth  (Chairman)

  Mr L.A. Wing  (Principal)

  Mrs V.A. Benjamin (Acting Deputy Principal & educator)

  Mrs J.A. Message  (Educator-HOD)

  Mrs K Needham (Educator-HOD)

  Mrs S Ngiba (Co-opted member)

Mrs G Venediger  (Non educator)

Mr G Dent  (Treasurer )

Mr P. Tooley  (Vice Chairman)

Rev B. Louw (Parent)- Relocated

Mrs B Field (Secretary)

Mr G. Chantler  (Parent)

Role of the Governing Body:

The Governing Body makes major decisions concerning the finances and their distribution. They are also involved in setting budgets and school fees. These are just a few of their many duties and responsibilities.