(Pictured above are our staff as at September 2016)

The strength in any institution is its people and once again, and the staff must be saluted for the excellent work they do for Atholl Heights Primary.

We have 42 teachers (inc. 5 HODs) and 12 teacher assistants, 2 Eastern language teachers, a PA, our bursar , 6 secretaries, 1 Media assistant, Mr Storm our Maintenance manager, a painter, 7 caretakers, and 2 general assistants. We also have a full time Music teacher- Miss Ruscoe. (NB: These numbers are not static). In Jan 2017, Miss Duncan, our IT consultant has come on board in a full time capacity.

We would like to thank our teacher assistants; Miss Culverwell, Mrs Cordes, Miss Boucher, Miss Doherty, Miss Shirley, Miss Koekemoer, Miss Lotz, Miss Matias. Miss Venter, Miss Jordaan, Mr Lee and Miss Wilks for their service to the school.

We also have a Special Needs Unit and our Sports Department. 

Also on staff are specialists in Music, Drama, Computers, Media Science, Cami Maths and Readers are Leaders.