The Grade 2 Time Capsule

To end off our theme on communication, the Grade 2 children buried a time capsule on 21 July 2000. The children worked together in groups to decide what items to include and the most practical way to present everything. They came up with the following:

  • school magazine
  • a newspaper
  • prices of food, drinks and a meal at Wimpy
  • class photographs
  • photographs of the school buildings
  • photos of children at workTime piece
  • a merit badge
  • jo-jos
  • a video of school life
  • a drummies CD
  • examples of coins
  • a letter from Mrs Warwick to the new Principal
  • a letter from each pupil about themselves

Mrs Warwick will keep a record of the age of the capsule at the end of each year in the school log book to ensure it is not forgotten. Every Grade 2 pupil from the Class of 2000, will receive an invitation to return to school on the 1st Friday of the 3rd term in 2020.