Tuck Shop

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This is open every day at break times and straight after school.

Atholl Heights School Tuck Shop Price List-2016 :

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Pizza R 12.00
Toasted Cheese R 10.00
Toasted Cheese and Tomato R 15.00
Toasted Cheese and Ham R 15.00
Toasted Chicken and Mayo R 15.00

Tuesday / Thursday

Hot Dog (Simply Chicken) R 10.00
Chicken Burger R 15.00
Vegetarian Burger R 15.00
Ham and Salad Sandwich R 15.00
Cheese and Salad Sandwich R 15.00

Snacks and Drinks

Chips (Simba and Lays) R 8.00
Mineral Cans R 10.00
Snackattack Popcorn R 10.00
Fruity Sour beans R 10.00
Ice Lollies R 1.00
Apple Muncher Ice R 2.00
Small Chocolates R 6.00

  * Although we will endeavor to keep this price list up to date, all prices listed above are subject to change without notice.