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A Proud Place

Westville North Primary School was opened by its first principal, Mr Colin Horne in 1977, at a site previously reserved for a High School, 20 Kinloch Road. The school was occupied by 96 students and 6 staff members.

In October 1985, the keys to Atholl Heights Primary School at 52 Methven Road were handed to Mr Horne and at the start of 1986, the school housed 355 students and 18 staff members.

1992 was the end of Mr Horne's era and he was succeeded by Mrs Diana Warwick. In 1994, the school joined the rest of the country in becoming completely integrated. It is also when the schools motto of "Simply the Best" was born.

In the following years, many additions were made to the school, including two computer labs, an AV room, an aftercare, a music room, a staff room, kitchen and the much loved Zulu Hut. The 21st year of Atholl Heights was celebrated by the now 788 strong student body in 28 classrooms.

2005 saw the introduction of a dedicated sports department. The school also started investing in specialists to further improve the care and growth of the learners. Lloyd Wing took up mantle of principal in 2016 after Mrs Warwick's early retirement.

2017 and beyond has marked Atholl Heights' commitment to modernisation, with the creation of an astroturf to push sports forward and a dedicated IT department to move the school into the future and beyond.


The staff of Atholl Heights has always been one of its' strongest suits.

With 42 teachers, including 5 Heads of Department, and 12 teachers assistants, each learner can get the attention that they require to perform at their best.

6 dedicated administration staff ensure smooth running, with our bursar taking care of the school's financial well being.

The sports department consists of 6 fully qualified coaches and a manager.

The staff also include a maintenance manager with a team of 8 caretakers, a music teacher, an IT manager, a psychologist, a remedial teacher, and a librarian.

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Phone: 031 262 6205

General Enquiries

For any general inquiries, please send an email to Alternatively please see the below frequently asked questions section.


If you have any questions regarding admissions, please send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do we admit Grade R pupils?

We will admit a child to Grade R if they are 5 years old and turning 6 in the year that they are in Grade R.

Can we email you an application form?

Unfortunately not. The application process is quite involved, with a lot of documents being required and we would prefer to be able to explain in person. Each child has to be processed individually and the fewer mistakes we have on applications, the faster we can complete them.

What are the opening and closing dates for admissions?

Admissions are open from Open Day. Unfortunately, this date changes each year as well as the closing date differing. Your best bet is to send an email to to confirm exact dates.

Can we take you on a tour of the school?

A tour takes place on Open Day each year, after which an appointment will need to be made with the office. Please give us a call or send an email to arrange this. We will try to accommodate you as best as we can.

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